Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fort Bridger

                                                             Clifford E Hennis 
Well, It's been just a year since Daddy's death, and I thought it would be nice to share some pictures and memories that I have of him.  I just found these pictures of one of the last times I visited him, so here they are.
   These were taken at Fort Bridger in Wyoming, probably around June of 2015.  An interesting side note is that some of our ancestors came through Ft. Bridger as Mormon Pioneers, when they immigrated to Utah.  I didn't know that at the time that we visited it.  So wonderful to be in the actual spot where they walked!!

                                             Chad Flinders at the memorial for Ft. Bridger

Clifford Hennis, April and Chad Flinders, at the small remaining "Mormon Wall"  at the Fort.

                                        This placard tells about the Mormon Wall

                                                Mormons, leaving the Mormon wall.  :-)

The two above photos belong together.  I thought it was pretty funny!  :-D

Daddy and Chad, relaxing.  Daddy did look tired in these photos, but when we asked if he wanted to go to Ft. Bridger with us, he was definitely up for the adventure.  He was always ready to go explore!! 
Daddy, relaxing in the stables where the Pony Express horses were stabled.

Chad, in front of the bear trap.


So the next pictures are of the little cabins that were built to go along with the Lincoln Highway.  I just thought it was interesting, since I've heard of the Lincoln Highway, but hadn't know where it actually went.

So you would park your car in the little spot right beside your room.

Hmmm...... I wonder where we could rent an overnight stay for $1.00?

The "carpet"  was painted on the floor.

Good-by Ft. Bridger.

Gorgeous Spring coming out of the mountain at Jump Creek, outside of Manila, Utah.
April and Chad Flinders

Me, (Helen Marie), April, and Daddy, enjoying the shade and peace of Sheep Creek Canyon.  One of my favorite places to go when I go visit April.  Daddy always liked taking a ride up there too.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures of Daddy and a little of a day that he enjoyed.
Helen Marie

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