Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Real Beginning

 From left to right:Hubert Earl Hennis, Helen Marie Bond Hennis, Clifford Earl Hennis, Betty Louise Madsen Moorhouse Hennis, Leila Farmer Moorhouse, Elwin Clarence Moorhouse
     So Lealani Little emailed me and wanted a large picture of Daddy when he was younger.  I had tried downloading this picture months ago with no success, but thought I'd try again today.  And it worked!!  :-)  So this is the beginning of our Family, and Lealani, the pics of Daddy are next! :-)
     Mother and Daddy were married December 11, 1951 in the Idaho Falls Temple.  This is a picture of their reception, and I'm sorry that I don't know where it was held, besides in one of the LDS churches, probably in Kuna, Marsing or Nampa.  (Grandma and Grandma Hennis were probably living near Marsing by then, and Grandma and Grandpa Moorshouse were on the farm outside of Nampa at the time.  At least I'm pretty sure!
   The tablecloth was crocheted by Grandma (Leila) Moorhouse and she dyed it with coffee, so it is a dark tan/ light brown color.  It was also used on Leila May's (maybe also Cecilia's) cake table, and used at my wedding too.  I have it and will lend it to anyone getting married who would like it on their cake table.
    Grandma Moorhouse was a real social person and loved get togethers with her friends, so of course the wedding had to have music and dancing, but Mother and Daddy didn't know how to dance!  They managed to get through that first dance, but you can see in the photo that they both are embarrassed!!  Unfortunately I don't have a copy of that picture, but if I do get ahold of it I'll post it.

     Ok Lealani, here are the pictures of Daddy!  :-)
 Clifford Earl Hennis
High School Graduation
Year (?)
 Clifford Earl Hennis
Flight Training School
World War II

I'm going to show this to Daddy and make sure the info is right, so don't quote me on this for a few weeks.
   Daddy did train on a Stearman airplane in WWII, but didn't make it through the training school to be a pilot because he wasn't aggressive enough.  Of course!!  He isn't an aggressive kind of person!!  :-)  He did pass his gunnery school to be a gunner on a bomber  as the top, second or third (I don't remember the exact info) in his class though.  Luckily for him and us, the war ended before he was actually sent out to be a gunner.